Croatia Photo gallery

Features all the highlights from Zagreb the capital city, the Istrian peninsula, National Parks, the Dalmatian Coast and it’s towns of Dubrovnik & Split, and ‘off the beaten path’ destinations where guests really get a feel for the country.
You’ll see photos of Croatia’s irresistible islands, Brac, Lopud, Hvar, Vis & others which are still hidden gems.
The cuisine is organic, from freshly caught Adriatic seafood, various olive oils, traditional roasts and acclaimed local wines.
Each region is abundant with local history, culture, trivialities & vistas, truly making Croatia the Medtierranean as it used to be.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina Photo gallery

An exotic and relatively unexplored part of the world which for many visitors proves to be the highlight of their travels.
The combination of Turkish Ottoman & Christian architecture, cuisine & mentality is unique in Europe.
It’s rich history, cities and scenery make it a destination to experience before the crowds return.

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Montenegro Photo gallery

It’s name translates into Black Mountaintop and is a small but must see destination when in this part of the world.
The Bay of Kotor and coastal towns like Budva each have their own individuality with an amazing mountain range backdrop.
The mild climate, stunning vistas, National Parks & history offer an overall sense of uniqueness.
It’s close proximity to Dubrovnik means it can easily be done as a day trip while not feeling rushed.

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Slovenia Photo gallery

This beautiful country offers a combination of architecture, history and stunning natural beauty.
Ljubljana the capital city is another European gem and the surrounding snow capped mountains, forests and lakes, especially Lake Bled are worth travelling to experience.
A great location to start or finish a vacation.

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